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Racing System

Eurocups Racing System

Attending pilots will be divided into two groups, within each group classes will be mixed. The two groups will alternate in racing on the circuit. After several "qualification" races a ranking table is produced for each of the two groups. The bottom half of each group will then compete against each other in a "looser round" and so will the top half of each group in a "final round"
As a bonus the winner of the "looser round" will receive a wildcard and be granted access to still race in the "final round" ! 

  • The races will be for everyone who holds a valid racing license that is conform to I.S.R.R Rules.
  • The races are divided into 2 groups and consists of the classes: Master, Open, Women,  Junior & Kiddy's. 
  • Starting fee: Master & Open class 25 EUR, Junior Class (13-17 years) 15 EUR, Kiddy class (0-12 years) free.


Fun for all is eventually the most important ingredient in Eurocup racing !!