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Eurocup Texel

The 2nd and 3rd of July 2016, Buggyclub Holland, supported by GPA, will organize a classic Eurocup event on the Dutch island of Texel.

Texel is famous for it's huge northern beach and most buggiers love the positive vibe and relaxed atmosphere that's present on the island.

To get to Texel you need to take the ferry from Den Helder, more information about the ferry can be found on the 
Teso website. Afther arriving on the island its a 30min drive to get to the Eurocup event area at “de Cocksdorp” on the northern tip of the island.

Join the race!


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About the Eurocups

The KITEBUGGY-EUROCUPS is an European racing series that was originally founded by the buggy clubs APC8 (France), BCH (Netherlands) and GPA (Germany). Goal and purpose of the Eurocups is to create an easily accessible international racing platform for riders of all ages and skill levels.

The KITEBUGGY-EUROCUPS are open to riders of all classes with a valid racing-licence, therefore also the Kiddy's, Junior and other eager riders will have the opportunity to get the taste of real international Championship racing.

You are welcome to participate!